Dec 8, 2016

Jun 22, 2016

Must Eat American Foods

America is World’s largest foodie paradise. The utter size and medley of the country has given birth to many regional delicacies. Like all other cuisines, American cuisine is absolutely unique and since there are 50 states with different cultures, there are also many local American cuisines where you can indulge your senses.

Mar 21, 2016

Best Travel Expense Tracking Apps

Going on a tour – either business tour or personal vacation – is one of the best things that happen in daily routine life.

Though travelling and its styles has changed manifold but there’s one aspect that has remained the same during all these times, and that is “Travel Expense Planning”.

Travel Expense Tracking saves you from running out money halfway through the trip. If Travel Expenses are not well planned before the start of the journey, you might end up with lots of confusions.

Luckily, we live in an era where we have so much to help us around.  One such thing is Travel Expense Tracking Apps.

Travel Portal Development Companies are taking a step further and now developing travel-centric Expense Tracking Apps. Travel Expense Tracking Apps help you in managing all your travel expenses, in every possible way.

Here are 5 Best Travel Expense Tracking Apps that can make Travel Expense Tracking much easier for you.

Trail Wallet (iOS only)
Trail Wallet is probably the best travel-centric app for tracking expenses, free to download with in-app purchases. The only downside is that it is available only on iOS.
The app is really quick and simple, with fluent UI. Users love everything about this app – from simplicity to usefulness.

TripBudget (Android)
The app is currently in BETA mode, having many positive user reviews to rely upon. From currency converter to bill splitter, from ticket tracker to GPS tracker, the app has it all making it another best travel-centric app for tracking expenses.

Trip Expense Manager (Android)
The app is most useful for group travellers letting you split expenses between all the people fairly.
All you have to do is add place, people and expenses. The app will do rest for you.
Like TripBudget, Trip Expense Manager also comes with a bunch of features like currency converter, bill splitter, ticket tracker, GPS tracker, and more.

TrabeePocket stops you from worrying about how much money you are left with at any point of your trip.
It also helps you in calculating real time foreign currency rates. The app is available for free to install but can be upgraded to pro version for extra features like Easily check in your own country's currency, Multiple Currency Support, Customizable Category, Smart Travel Expense Report, Export to csv, xls file

Make sure you have one Travel Expense Tracking app installed on your phone right from the initial planning stages to make the best out of your travel experiences.