May 26, 2013

How to register Voter ID card online in India?

Today, I am happy to share Voter ID card online registration procedure for 2014 Lok Sabha elections. If you are looking to register Voter ID card online in India for upcoming Rajasthan elections, Madhaya Pradesh elections, Chhattisgarh elections and Delhi elections or 2014 Lok  Sabha elections then do not need to worry as I will explain simple step by step procedure to register Voter ID card.

In order to appear in the State elections or in Lok Sabha Elections, You are required to have valid Voter ID card. In case you have all necessary documents that you are an Indian and not have Voter ID card then you will not be allowed to vote on polling station.

It is right of every citizen to vote in the elections. It is my humble request that make use of your voting power and choose your candidate. The online registrations have been started by the election commission of India. The main benefit of online registration is that, you will get your Voter ID card at your home without doing much effort.

Step by step online procedure to register Voter ID card is given below-

The first step required is to visit the official website of Election commission i.e. then click on “New User Registration”.

Voter card ID registration
Once you visit the website then next step is to fill your active mobile number and email address.  With in few seconds, you will get verification code via to SMS. Fill the same code in the text code and click on the submit button.

It would open a form, fill the requisite form and clicked on the save button. Once you clicked on the save button, You will confirmation message on the mobile phone.

Use that confirmation message for future purpose. The message includes tracking number and it is used to track the application on the website.

Once your application is registered a commission representative will visit your home for verification purpose.

If you have verified documents and election commission representative is satisfied then you will get Voter ID card within few days.

I hope that you are clear with the simple steps to register Voter ID card for upcoming elections.

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I hope that above information would help Indian public to get aware before the 2014 Lok sabha election. Keep Voting and Jai Hind.