Sep 5, 2013

Narender modi best wallpapers and photos

By the title of this post, you would have guessed what we have for you. Narendra Modi is the current chief minister of Gujarat State (Nothing new in that). Like any other chief minister of other states, he is doing his work. But the way he led the state, is not hidden from anyone. The sheer progress that this state has done during the 10 years tenure of his is really something that is placing standards in the country and even in the other world, i am coming with Narender modi best wallpapers and photos.

He revived the same state that was struck by deadly earthquake in 2001. And no one could have imagined that the same state would emerge as the most developed and prosperous one. We are nowhere publicizing him, but we are discussing about a person who modern ideas mixed with previous one is leading a state in India, that is becoming a symbol of inspirations for others. 

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Today in this post we have compiled some of the wallpaper and posters that related to this great political leader. So watch them and share if you want to. 
Narender Modi

 In this image Narendra Modi is addressing lakhs of people and telling them about the various policies and systems that are being implemented or will be done shortly. The attendance of crowd is itself speaks the words. 

Narender Modi

Narendra Modi meeting president of India, Shri Pranab Mukherji. President taking bokay from the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Looks like he is also much delighted to meet Narendra Modi.

Narender Modi
Narendra Modi is meeting the Superstar of India ‘Amitabh Bachchan’. He is also the brand ambassador of Gujarat Tourism and many commercial casting him has been made by the Gujarat Tourism board. Gujarat is having some of the best tourist places in India. 

Narender Modi

 This is quite amazing pic. Narendra Modi is meeting the youth at his visit to a college in Delhi. His ability to connect with the crowd is driving youth in India to support him. It simply appear in this photo too as people are eager to meet him. 

Narender Modi

This picture is showing the recent speech of Narendra Modi in Andhra Pradesh. In that speech he discussed about various issues and also urged the youth to come forward for the nation. He also gave a famous tag line during this speech ‘We Will, We Will Do’. More than 2 Lakh people came to attend his speech and most of them were youth.

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So these were the photos that we had for you. Choose one of them and share with your friends. Do comment below as whether you liked this post or not. If you have some more information and want to share with others, please post it below.